Night Ride

Riding at night can be a very profound experience, especially as Fall approaches.

The further North you get, the nights are quite cool, even in September. Sounds and smells carry further. Your senses are heightened. You smell and feel everything. A dip in the road brings colder air.

As dusk approaches, deer and other critters come out of the woods and start crossing the roads, attracted by the light and heat. You are on edge, waiting for the shape bounding out from the darkness.

Everything looks different, even on roads that you’ve ridden hundreds of times. The moon above the treeline can remind you of places and situations far away. Darkness makes the familiar strange.

It’s very interesting being disoriented by the darkness and the shadows, smelling and feeling new things and being consumed by your thoughts.

The darkness causes your world to contract and as you escape further into your head, the ghosts ride with you.

You are reminded of how many nights you couldn’t take anymore, and then the mornings that showed you that you could.

Every night, brings the dawn and a new chance to face the world. So far, so good.

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