Between the Blacktop and the Blue Sky

Somewhere between the blacktop and the blue sky is where you will figure it out.

Riding a motorcycle, even in a group, you get to spend lots of time alone. When the weather is bad, most people focus on controlling their scoot or how wet their feet are or how cold their balls are. But, when the weather is nice, your mind wanders, especially on long runs.

You will find yourself spending hours, locked up with your worst enemies. You will stare at your regrets all day long. You will see how dark your heart and your thoughts are. You will discover what you hate about yourself. Whatever makes you angry and disappoints you, will be amplified 10,000 times and it will echo around in your head as the sun beats down and the wind howls in your ears.

You will also spend time with your best friend from the 5th grade. You will get to see all of your girlfriends again. You will figure out what you want for and from yourself and what you want from those in your life. You will spend hours staring at what is important to you until it is burned in your brain.

You will live your fantasies, your dreams and your nightmares over and over.

Because of this, every single mile changes you. It changes your perspective and how you understand the world and your place in it.

Somewhere between the blacktop and the blue sky.

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