From the early days

Here is a post, from Marty LaHaise, one of the early members in the Falcons MC Lahr. It is from the “Falcons MC Lahr and Friends” Facebook page and i think it shows what a rich history the club has.

The Falcons’ Early Days

After almost 50 years it’s difficult to remember many details. We paid dues, but I don’t recall what we did with the money, although I was the treasurer. We obviously adopted the name ‘Falcons’, but why? Ken Gourlay had one or two sparrow hawks, but I don’t know if that had any bearing on the name. We ordered crests, of course, but from whom and where?We had meetings. The Cafe Rheintal in Grafenhausen was a regular meeting place, on the back patio in daytime or good weather and downstairs in the basement. The owner tended the bar downstairs, his wife handled the restaurant upstairs and the daughter Anne was a waitress. They were extremely accommodating, to the point where a few times some of us even slept in the seats all night.Beer was bulky, so we often bought a bottle of wine and headed to the Baggersee where we set up our tents and slept overnight. I can never remember police showing up and it was safe to leave the tents unattended. Also, to my knowledge, there was never a physical altercation between Canadians or between a Canadian and German. We all got along well.We had many local daytime trips and some longer:Amsterdam, Scandinavia, the Elephant Rally at the Nurburgring, the Rockfest on Insel Grüen, and a get together with American riders near Frankfurt. More on some of these later.On one occasion when I was president, we had a large nearby, allnight get together. There was supposed to be a reporter from the Rolling Stone magazine there. There was a lot of drinking going on and some people were smoking that tobacco that is legal now in Canada but was illegal in those days. I was to be interviewed, but I don’t remember if I was or if there ever was a story published in the magazine. What I do remember is the smell of wild leeks in the air from a nearby forest and John Walker taking a spill while doing a wheelie. Again, no police present.


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