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Night Ride

Riding at night can be a very profound experience, especially as Fall approaches. The further North you get, the nights are quite cool, even in September. Sounds and smells carry further. Your senses are heightened. You smell and feel everything. A dip in the road brings colder air. As dusk approaches, deer and other critters …

Between the Blacktop and the Blue Sky

Somewhere between the blacktop and the blue sky is where you will figure it out. Riding a motorcycle, even in a group, you get to spend lots of time alone. When the weather is bad, most people focus on controlling their scoot or how wet their feet are or how cold their balls are. But, …

Life on an Iron Horse

Driving in a cage, is like being at a movie, the scenery goes by, your senses are muted to the scenes playing on the screen. On a motorcycle, you are part of the scene, your very being is in contact with it all. The feeling is overwhelming, life pumps though every part of the body.